The Grotto adjacent to the Bible Garden.

A view of the harbour from the garden

A shady pathway to the Bible Garden.

Our Bible Garden

The Bible Garden at St. Benedict's Priory in Cobh, formerly Admiralty House, is a hidden gem of a garden.

It was created more than 20 years ago and laid out in the shape of a Jerusalem Cross. The design survives to this day, with a central pool from which everything else radiates outwards.

The garden was created on a one-and-one-half acre site and, like other Bible gardens throughout the world, its design and plant selections are mainly based on plants mentioned in the Bible.

Other sections of the planting include plants that have special significance to Our Lady and the Saints. There is even a place for plants with names like "lucifer" and "diablo".

There are several different areas within the garden, almost like mini-gardens that have been cleverly worked into the overall design.

Some of the gardens mentioned in the Bible are recaptured in this space. The Garden of Song, The Vineyard, The Pool of Solomon, Mary's Garden, the Garden of Olives, The Garden of the Resurrection and the Leanbh memorial.

Recently a poignant ceremony took place in the Bible Garden. A Cedar of Lebanon tree was planted by the Irish-Lebanese Cultural Foundation, in memory of the 47 Irish soldiers who paid the ultimate price while carrying out peacekeeping duties in Lebanon with the United Nations.

The tall spires of the Cathedral form a backdrop to the garden and there are also superb views out over Cork Harbour.

The Leanbh Memorial was erected as a memorial to anyone who has suffered the loss of a child. The Leanbh Shrine, surrounded by water and beautiful engravings provides a place of peace for bereaved parents.

The tall spires of the Cathedral form a backdrop to the garden and there are also superb views out over Cork Harbour.


The Bible Garden restoration group is a group of volunteers and Priory staff who are working to bring the Bible Garden back to its' former glory


They are being guided by experienced gardener and horticulturalist Larry Lynch. When complete, these upgrades will add hugely to the visitor experience of the garden.

Themed Plants

The garden is looking a lot tidier after a couple of months' clearing and cutting back, and the team are looking forward to sowing and planting new Biblically themed plants, vegetables and trees this spring.

Getting Involved

People can get involved by sponsoring plants in memory of loved ones, sponsoring the project through donations in kind, or by taking part in the work and benefitting from free horticultural training.

Our Lady's Grotto

The hard-working team of Aidan Moran, Ann Kennedy, Tony Osborne, Neil Graney and Yon Verwey achieved wonders in their renovation of Our Lady's Grotto and surrounds.

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The grotto as it used to be.
The old surface and worn statue.
The overgrowth in the background.
The overgrowth has been cleared away.
A new wall has been built.
A new pillar added.
A wider viewpoint.
A new surface added.
The praying figure has been repainted.
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